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OnGoal was founded by a group of educators and business people interested in promoting soccer safety.

During the last decade, youth soccer has exploded in the United States, as have our worries about the injury risks of the sport.

We have waited patiently for someone to develop head protection and a new, safer goal post.

As we waited, we witnessed a young soccer player collide with a metal goal post and suffer a skull fracture. We witnessed a young soccer player shatter a bone in her eye socket in a collision with the head of another player. We have seen young players head the ball repeatedly in practices and in games, aware that the research shows they might be permanently damaging their brains by doing is without protection.

While we waited millions of young soccer players faced unnecessary hazards of both immediate and long term injury. Finally, when none of the existing manufacturers of soccer equipment appeared willing to take the initiative in this area, we decided to organize, develop, and manufacture products which will make soccer a safer sport.

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